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- 4.8 - What is vibrating ? What is compressed, what dilates ?


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My demonstration, in this site, is to show that all in the Universe is nothing but vibratory systems, rhythms, pulsations and so. For the credibility of my work, I need now to precise what vibrates ; what is the medium (or the media) where these vibrations occur and propagate ?

Two points are already gained :

These systems vibrate in dilation and compression;
The first and simpler elements of this building, the elementary particles, vibrate in an ideal medium which:
            -Does not permit any friction at the origin of energy waste, dispersion and so.
            -Allows the propagation of advanced waves as well as retarded ones.

But what for biological or economical systems we have just met in this chapter ?
We will precise this while clarifying these questions :
           -When biological or economical ontostat works, what is compressed or dilates ?
          -When the noticeable growing curves of evolution keep on a trend, from what comes the force which leads back on this tendency straight line ?

So, concerning the elementary particles we talk about an ideally elastic medium where the waves can propagate in two ways : the retarded sense towards the outside, and the advanced one towards the inside.
And then ? Concerning the upper levels ?
We will see that it is always the same very medium that vibrates, when systems add on increasing amplitudes and periods. Take the example of the seesaw: if you give an impulse on an empty seesaw, it will rock with regular amplitude an period, both decreasing gradually under the effect of friction forces. If you seat on it, you become an added on system able, by your own efforts, to augment amplitude of the motions, but it is always the seesaw that swings in the gravitational field.

Concerning the vibratory sets we are studying here, particularly the ontostats, but also other biological and economical rhythms, it is the same thing. Added on systems – molecules, biology, physiology, human activities – combine in order to increase amplitudes, to synchronize vibrations and to add compression and dilation areas so as to widen the sizes of the waves. Nevertheless at the very grassroots the elementary particles vibrate in the primordial medium.

As we saw, industrial production processes are made rather with compression of space and time, with fitting and energy expenditure for the premises where fabrication takes place, and weariness and stress for the workman which manufacture. That goes by activations of their biological processes in order to produce energy, by more consumption of oxygen and release of carbon dioxide and heat ; these biological systems themselves work more in compression as molecules that form them; they sync, are more compressed during more time. And at the end of the day, it is the very medium itself which is more compressed and its elasticity which tune all these activities. We have seen that it is a beat phenomenon, numerous small waves gathering all the harmonics of larger and larger ones. When these waves altogether come near their maxima at the same time, the beat wave too approaches its own maximum, obviously. And so, we see that it is the medium itself where particles vibrate which absorbs and maintains with its own elasticity, vibrations produced at all the upper levels.

Then, after the compression relaxation occurs with trading activities for the firms; manufactured products are exposed on the store shelves, in professional show rooms, in catalogues and in the Internet pages. If sellers still keep a certain activity, much is done for the détente, overall that of buyers, and the multiplication of meetings, by chance or prepared, between the buyer and the product he is looking for.

In sum, the element that tune all these activities, be them biological or economical and human, is this elastic primordial medium. All the activities in compression phase squeeze on it and compress it. Economical activities press on biological ones, which in turn act in the same way on molecular and atomic activities. These are waves, it is the main idea expressed on this site, which get together in compressed phases providing the organism with energy; doing so they press the primordial medium itself. And it is this compressed medium which, afterwards, does impose the following relaxation, the rest and the détente. But this détente, then, when amplified by biological and economical systems, stretches this medium which responds by compressing itself, from which a new activity and compression phase, and so forth.

If we are tired, that is because we have too much pressed on this primordial medium, and that it is it which, while relaxing, imposes us to rest.

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September 2006