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- 6.0 - The Strong points of the Theory of the Universal Phase Wave.


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This theoretical unit developed by Denys Lépinard comprises four principal parts :
A corpus of observations and measurements at the origin of the sine and cosine curves.
The Theory of the Ontostat.
The Repositioning Theory.
An open synthesis towards a universal theory.
The significant points of this unit are listed here :

1- The classification.

1.1- The alternation Individuals / Assemblies. It rests on this simple observation : in the known world (inert, biological, cosmological) there are - almost exclusively - two categories of beings : ones made of a small number of various assemblies that I called individuals, and others formed from a great number of similar individuals, the assemblies.

1.2- The organization levels. The return of this alternation generates levels of organization. There are 6 for the biological building, from Hydrogen to biosphere, and 5 others for the cosmological building.

2- The cosine.

2.1- Of how much does progress the Evolution on each level ? This question becomes fundamental as soon as the levels are defined. It initially forces to solve two problems :
that of the choice of the measuring unit; by coherence, I quite simply chose the mass of the individual whom I expressed in number of hydrogen atoms.
And that related to great differences in mass between individuals of the same level : after having fixed the extremes, I noticed that in each level there is one individual among largest, more complex than the others, and who takes an active part in the organization at the higher level; it appeared to me a good recognizable witness of a level with another.

2.2- The regular pace. The simple fact, especially for the biological building, that the masses of theses individuals are placed on a regular curve of accelerated pace is striking by itself; it would deserve a mention in all the textbooks and some developments in the writing of all the thinkers. It is the sign,
on each level, of the existence zones of stability where the associations and the functioning of the beings is done better,
and between the levels of relations whose nature remains to be specified.

2.3- The precision of the mathematical equation. It speaks by itself. One can seek other equations, but the simplicity of this one and the good agrement between the observation and calculation can only hold the attention of any scientist.

2.4- The classification of the beings of the cosmic building. The heavenly objects are laid out according to the same classification, whith the result that this structure is common to all the beings of the known universe.

2.5- Its extension to all the Universe. The beings of the cosmic building, likewise classified by levels, lay out themselves on a quater of a period prolonging that of the biological building. This disposition is interesting because it markes the continuity of the sinusoidal movement. It remains for us, of course, to interpret what in the universe seems to be a convergence. At the very least, one can think that, in the universe and in the livings, there is other things that chance, chaos and successions of risks and that the biological evolution is a great movement of the Universe as well as its expansion or the cosmogenese.

3- The sine.

All this chapter 3 is still to publish on the Web; I can nevertheless provide elements.

3.1- The precision of the charts. They mesure the speed of the evolution under various aspects and at various ages. The evolution does not seem anymore like a random and irregular phenomenon, but rather like a dynamic process. The graphs show the sensitivity of the method.

3.2- The recall to balance. Certain graphs clearly reveal what one could call a force of recall which constantly imposes on the movement the return on a position of balance, itself in evolution; another proof of a dynamics which not only gives the dash but also control the movement.

3.3- The double complementarity between the sine and the cosine. It is significant to see, as I showed by the construction of the trigonometrical circle, that these two equations are not independent but mathematically complementary; just as the structure (measured by the cosine) and the movement (measured by the sine) are biologically complementary. This is very strong.

4- The Ontostat. (still to come)

4.1- It is universal. Its purest form appears at the economic level in the functioning of a company, at the biological level in the regulation of the proteinic synthesis, and at the quantum level in the behaviour of the elementary particle; but it si possible to highlight it on all the levels, in all the regulations of livings and no livings. It is the reflection of a subjacent space-time structure which it must allow us to discover.

4.2- Its plan in time and space. In its operation, it dissociates and privileges alternatively space and time. By observing that we touch with something of fundamental.

4.3- The explanation of the classification. The ontostat appears at the origine of the alternation great numbers / small numbers : the individual, like single agent of decision on the left of the diagram, and the assembly, like reserve of information by the great number on the right. This paragraph and the following confirm my first works.

4.4- Calculation to find the circular functions. The space and the time dissociated in the ontostat must be measurable separately but complementarily. Mathematical demonstration for time can be made by a simple calculation founded on the balance of the rhythmes of exchanges between an ontostat and its environnement, each one being not isolated but in relation to all the others. Thus we find the mathematical complementarity between the sine and the cosine of our equations, starting from a formula which could become the fundamental equation of the universe (still to come).

5- The Repositioning Theory.

If the ontostat exists on the economic, biological and other levels, one cannot miss making the assumption of its universality, and fatally of its existence at the quantum level. Its description in this theoretical context would give us, on the operation and on the nature of the particles of this level, a as sure lighting as the current empirical approach. The immediate result will be the possibility of describing and of explaining the behavior of the particles by a purely phenomenologic step.

5.1- The permanent repositioning. The basic character of the microphysics ontostat is that, transposed on this level, of the other ontostats : the permanent repositioning of the particle according to information come from all the universe, and supported by a double system of waves. The fundamental equation is that of Louis de Broglie :

hν = mc2

All the remainder results from this.

5.2- The description of the phase wave which explains and makes it possible to calculate as well,
5.2.1- the first stability condition of the hydrogen atom,
5.2.2- the angular kinetic moment (to be come),
5.2.3- the electromagnetic wave emission by the atoms (to be come),
5.2.4- the calculation of kinetic inertia,
5.2.5- and the interpretation of this fundamental state which is the momentum (to be come).

5.3- A new lithing on old concepts :
5.3.1- We better understand what is inertia : the return of the particle to a place assigned by the universe.
5.3.2- How is explained an acceleration, centrifuge inertia …
5.3.3- The concept of force disappears to the profit of that of redirection of the particle under the effect ot the information it receives. The four fundamental forces are explained and calculated by the same theory.
5.3.4- The theory of relativity is reinterpreted, while keeping the same results relating to length contraction and time dilatation in relation to speed.
5.3.5- A simplification of the theory of magnetism with the refutation of this nonsense which is the magnetic field.
5.3.6- A new insight on geometrical optics.

5.4- Generally, good conincidence between the explanation of the phenomena, calculation and numerical results.

5.5- The stability of the atoms by the formation of hyperbolic interference fringes between vibratory systems in phase.

5.6- Production of electromagnetic radiations (still to come).

5.7- The constant of fine structure, is the vehicle of the information of the universe. Coincidence between the values of the fine structure constant and the logarithm of the square root of the mass of the universe is striking. It makes it possible to interpret this constant like a formula of information : it integrates the information of the universe in the behavior of the particles.

5.8- A simple and clear explanation of nonseparability (to be come).

5.9- The existence of the ontostats on three levels. Since the ontostats exist at various levels of the matter, we can plan to find the same laws there; from where the possibility of a unification of sciences. The great questions of the evolution of the universe and of the life must be re-examined under this lighting.

6- The going back to the origin of causes.

An ontostat of higher level is built starting from a whole of others of the lower level, by the prolongation of the causal chain upstream and downstream, as the information feedback widens and is specified. We see there the essential mechanism of the evolution.

7- The Evolution is a great movement of the universe as well as its expansion.

Thus the Evolution seems to us a double movement : connection of ontostats of the same level, and opening of the unit thus formed towards the higher level. Thus, starting from the ontostat of the lower level (quantum in first), a true bubble of organization with double direction inflates :
-the dynamic direction follows the causal chains, from smaller particles to the the greatest structures,
-and information from future which nourishes with random of external medium.
And gradually the bubble extend to all the Universe. This progressive conquest of the external environnement by the interior medium (and reciprocally) translated the complemantary competition of these two mediums. It is necessary to see there the origin of sinusoidal dynamics.

8- The universal phase wave.

We can find the circular functions which are at the base of our reflexion (§ 2 and 3), therefore the explanation that we seek, by a phase wave created by the addition of two sinusoidal functions of close frequencies. One represents the delayed wave of action and the other the advanced wave of information. Their association allows feedbacks; and the progressive dephasing of the waves explains the appearance in living of increasingly powerful systems of control. We are on the track of the general explanation of the Evolution and of the Life.

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