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In this chapter on Physics, I would like to feed the debate on a certain number of points, perhaps definitely established for physicists, but which seem to me still fragile. Tackling with general questions, the first pages (3.1 to 3.5) prepare the reader to this idea, matter is made of waves. From the sixth (3.6) which present an undulatory model of particle, we really enter into the subject.
The following pages display the basis of the Wave Structure of Matter (WSM) Theory that I treat from the particle model I have conceived. Other authors after Louis de Broglie, Milo Wolff, Gabriel LaFrenière, Geoff Haselhurst, Chris Hawkings, Serge Cabala, have developed this theory, broadly similar, but with differences in details. Nevertheless, the main difference goes beyond this physical theory, it shows through the whole of ideas and facts displayed on this site and is what leads the reader to this amazing finding: a unique thing as simple as a wave, is likely to explain the entire Universe, as well as the masse, the behaviour and the functioning of the objects it contains.

  • Has the structure fine constant as unique ambition to fix hydrogen atom dimensions ?

  • Is it possible to do simpler than that intricate thing that is magnetic field ?

  • What is the true meaning of Balmer-Rydberg formula ?

  • Is expanding univers really a matter of space stretching ?

  • And if Michelson and Morley experiment would rather prove that matter is made of waves ?

  • A model of Particle which could clarify many things.

  • Is a faster than light phase wave able to stabilize Hydrogen atom ?

  • A new way to establish the kinetic energy formula.

  • Isn't Special Relativity better proved, and better understood, thus ?

  • The Repositioning Theory can light the Standard Model of particles classification.

  • Gravitation is a direct consequence of the Repositioning of particles.

  • Is the Force the unique possible relation between particles ?

  • On all these points, and on other still to come, it is possible to cast a new lighting with repercussion on the very foundations of Physics.

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