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- 2.0 - Order, disorder and regulations, the explanation by waves.


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In these pages, under the title "order, disorder and regulations, the explication by waves", I submit some fundamental aspects of the functioning, the organisation and the regulation of natural phenomena, be them from the living or from the non-living world.
We will uncover, at the heart of these mechanisms, wave phenomena of the same type as those I have presented at the origin of the structure of elementary particles under the title : Wave Structure of Matter (WSM).

2.1- The Fundamental operations - they are elements of order in space and in time.

2.2- The activity waves - they rhythm and lead human activity.

2.3- The fundamental rhythms - they come from the infinitely small and form the infinitely large.

2.4- If matter is made of waves, it can explain Evolution.

We will be able to conclude that these waves are omnipresent in the Universe and at the heart of Life.

This is the Wave Structure of Universe  (WSU).

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January 2006