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- 4.0 - Ontostat.


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This chapter is that of the ontostat.
It is a cybernetic loop whose characteristics will be specified in these pages. It is at the heart of controls of the Living. Its gradual variation during times, within living organisms and their behaviour, can help to explain Evolution by revealing some of its mechanisms.

4.1- The Ontostat is a double set of waves.

4.2- The Ontostat regulates also the biological activity.

4.3- The wave of information feedback - why it would not go up time ?

4.4- The set up of an upper level Ontostat.

4.5- A mechanism of Evolution : the climbing back to the origins of causes.

4.6- Two waves travelling through the Universe explain the Evolution.

4.7- They also explain Life.

4.7- If all in the Universe is wave, what is vibrating.

We will be able to conclude that the evolution of life on Earth, far from being the result of haphazard changes, accompanies the main motion of the Universe.

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January 2006