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- 4.1 - A Cybernetic loop : the Ontostat.


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I have just described the waves which regulate human activities. They function in compression/dilation. We will see that they are of two types and that, when superimposed, they form a stable system in the time, controlled by these two waves and that I called ontostat. It appears to me the principal system of regulation of the alive world. It is a true cybernetic loop which intervenes more obviously on these three levels, that of elementary particle, that of living and that of economy.
To start, I will quickly present the general model by taking as example the economic ontostat with two loops inserted during one complete period of these two waves in opposition of phase. On the diagram, the maximum amplitudes correspond to dilations, and the minimal ones to compressions.
Then I will more precisely describe it in terms of elements of order that I presented at the preceding pages.
Next I will present the biological ontostat. The model of the elementary particle is covered in the Chapter of physics.
We will see then that all these diagrams can be superposed and we will draw the imperative conclusions.

The economical ontostat.

The main element of economic activity is the company, and its regulation conditions that of the economy at a higher level. Manufacture and regulations of this manufacture are done in separated zones, contracted for the ones, dilated for the others; together they constitutes the ontostat. These zones can be associated with waves and form what I call the virtuous 8. In all the study of the ontostat it is necessary to keep in mind that the role of the man is of primary importance in its installation and its fonctionement, the ontostat is only one tool with which the man organizes the necessary conditions of his activity:
- manufacture is done correctly only in contracted zones.
- dilated zones are necessary for the sales to be done under good conditions and to have a good statistical return of information.
A head of company or his collaborators thus occupies successively these dilated or contracted zones during their operations. The rhythmed character of the human activity makes that these zones can be contracted (or dilated) a certain time, then relaxed, then contracted (or dilated) again, thus initiating an undulatory system which propagates and extends. We saw in the preceding pages that it is in this way, like a wave, that the economic activity can develop and extend, benefitting from the rhythms of the human activity. The origin of these rhythms can be in the heart of the matter, in the vibrations of the elementary particles, or in the dephts of the universe, in the movement of the cosmic objects.

The manufacture /sales wave : the action wave.
It appears in red on the diagram.
- It starts at 2 with a phase of contraction. From the manufacturing drawings, the manager joins together the necessary components. Then it is the deterministic phase of manufacture in contraction and maximum precision (4).
- Next the phase of dilation (5 and 6) starts: the dispersion of the manufactured products to places of sale. The phase of sale requires a dilated time; every commercial agent knows that customer should not be hustled; time must do its work.
- As soon as the sale is concluded, the product is integrated within a new framework of activity, it enters with others a phase of contraction (9 to 11).

The information wave.
It is the blue curve which we follow in return from the right-hand side towards the left.
- It starts with a concentration of data from sales (13), their totalization and their distribution on a temporal scale (14). From the precision of this work will depend the effectiveness of futur decisions.
- Then, they are analyzed, which we interpret as a reorganization and dilation of these data (15 to 17) to allow the head of company to make his decisions (18 to 2).

These waves are propagated in compression/dilation.
- Compression : precision and rigour in the zones of manufacture (4) and gathering of the results of sales (14).
- Dilation : freedom, imagination in the zones of sale concerning the future use of the product, freedom of choice between several competing products, freedom to decide to buy or not, freedom to a certain extent to negotiate the prices (8); and analyzes of sales on behalf of the head of company (18).

These phases of dilations and compressions follow one another, like true waves that keep up and propagate in space and time. The amplitude of compression or dilation is significant:
- In compression:
The more rigour and precision in manufacture, the better the quality of the products. For the results of sales, the more precise and detailed the data, the better their analysis.
- In dilation:
The more freedom and rivalry for the sales, with offers extended to the greatest number, the better they will be done. In return, the results will be more precise and richer in information, which must be analyzed freely, without prejudices and with imagination. The regulation and the improvements of manufacture will be only better.

Different symmetries appear :

-Symmetry between the waves :
- Red Wave :
-2 to 6, field of manufacture, objective, scientific, more especially as we are lower on the curve and as it has a greater amplitude.
-6 to 10, field of the buyer, subjective, more especially as we are higher on the curve and as the buyer has to make a choice.
- Blue wave :
10 to 16, scientific field of study of sales, objective, more especially as we are lower on the curve.
16 to 2, field of the manager, subjective, more especially as we are higher on the curve and as he has to make a choice.

-Symmetries between two acts of decisions which are opposed on the horizontal axis : that of the manager and that of the buyer, 2 and 10.

-Between the time-orderly sequences on the two minimums - manufacture operations (4) and analyse of the sales (14). We have seen that one contains the futur and the other the past, as if they turn themselves towards two different aspects of time.

- Between arranging processes; the four of them are displayed on the graph according to obvious symmetries.

The ontostat is a fixed point in time.
The economic ontostat is a stabilized system : it controls its rhythm of activity and its production according to the external request. Can we say that it stops in time, in balance between the two waves of opposite directions ?
That can be proposed like a simple more practical and more didactic presentation. But I think that we can go further: in a universe only made up of waves, there is no temporal reference, there is only references relating to displacements of these waves. And when two waves are stabilized mutually, that is to form a particle or a controlled economic system, their formation can become a fixed point in space and in time, like a swirl in a current. And we can consider the movement of the waves relative to this system and say that, compared to it, one wave comes from the past and such other, in opposed direction, comes from the future.


For this first presentation, I limit myself to this, to show how this cybernetic loop formed of two waves of opposite directions makes it possible to highlight these symmetries, that it is between them or by considering the elements of order we saw previously. The two curves are in oppositions of phase, they correspond vertically : the mental activity of the blue curve corresponds to the material activity of the red curve. When they meet, the actors make decisions. The more one supports the dilated zones, the more one has possibilities in return in the contracted zones.

On the following page 2.5, we will see the biological ontostat and how it is superposable with this economic ontostat described here. We will also see how it may be that a wave circulates in opposite direction of the other, how and under which conditions it goes up time.

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