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- 4.6 - Evolution explained by Ontostat (I).


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In this fourth chapter I have developed what I called Ontostat ; it is a regulation loop that I defined and characterized, and that run in living and economic systems. Like every loop of this type, the information on the achieved results comes in return to control the starting of the action. I emphasised that the place where this control occurs varies according to the organisation level. In parallel, I remarked, during the evolution, a phenomenon of sliding upwards of the control towards the origin of the action. The comparing of both these points in this page will lighten us on what can be the Evolution.

Let's take back the key which guides us towards the explanation of evolution with the main points I have already placed.
-1- We saw in the first chapter that living and non-living beings spread on a sine curve, from the elementary particle to the Universe.
-2- I explained this arrangement as produced by two large waves travelling in opposite directions through the Universe with a phase difference between them of π/10. They associate alternately, of constructive then destructive ways, creating a beat wave. (fig. 1)
-3- I showed in the second chapter that evolution proceeds by adjusting the phases of manifold periodical phenomena of every dimensions.
-4- Discussing some great questions of physics, I demonstrated in the chapter 3 that all in the Universe, included elementary particles, is made of waves.

Figure 1
The Universal Sine Curve

- The Evolution of the Ontostat.
We described the Ontostat as formed by two waves travelling in opposite directions, the action wave which represents causal sequences, and the information wave which represents the feedback of information controlling the first. The point where these two waves cut corresponds with the control spot of action by information; on the action wave it is located at the beginning of causal chains. Now this point shifts according to the organisation level where run the ontostat : towards more complex systems, causal chains elongate, their origins go up, control is done increasingly early, interpreting an improvement of regulation of biological and economic systems during evolution.
Indeed, following the consumption of glucose and the food behaviour of living beings, I have also shown that evolution is done by permanent anticipations, by climbing back towards the origins of action chains.

With those elements, we will try to show how these both phenomena, the evolution of the functioning of the ontostat and the evolution of life on the Earth could be done parallel : the comparing of the two shows that evolution of life is in fact linked to evolution of ontostat, but beyond, it is interesting to point out some deeper process binding the evolution with Universe.

- The beat wave.

For that, let's come now towards the beat wave I have presented as being at the origin of the masses of the constituents of the universe (in red on figure 1); it is produced by the relative shift of two waves (black and green on figure 2) one on the other.

Figure 2

On the figure 3, which is an enlargement of the figure 2, the brown points mark the crossing of the green and black curves. Following their shift at every pulse of the beat wave we see that they go up along the black wave, from the minimum when the two waves are in overlapping (left), until half-height when they are in opposite phase (last but one on the right). This rise is done on the same quarter of period as that where are distributed the masses of components of living (continuous blue line on figure 1). Thus we can draw the parallel between this rise of the wave crossing and the climbing up of the control point of action by information I have described earlier about ontostat.

Figures 3

In fact, this demonstration draws the parallel between:
- the evolution of the behaviour towards always more anticipation. For instance, in reference to the moment when it will be able to eat the product of its activity, the ploughman begins its action of ploughing much earlier (almost a year) than its ancestor, hunter-gatherer, did when he was starting hunting (a few hours).
- And the mutual sliding of the two waves travelling through the Universe.

This connexion goes through the rhythmic character of human activity and of all the biological actions that constitute in larger and larger wave systems, until getting into phase with those coming from the cosmos, with for resultant those great waves. The ontostats inscribe themselves in their motions, both by maintaining them and by adopting their phases.

That can appear a great jump. But other confirmations of this hypothesis are presented on this site of which the aim is to demonstrate that all that exists and occurs in the Universe is the result of combinations and relative effects of sets of waves.

All in the Universe relates to the Wave Structure of Matter.

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