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I, Denys LÚpinard, would like to make you share my conviction :

My project, which I expose on this site, is to show that all that goes in Universe is the result of the combining and the interferences between sets of waves of different dimensions. Wavelengths can be very small, with large frequencies, like those that produce the electron, or very large, at the Universe scale, like those at the origin of the repartition of masses, of living beings as well of objects that populate the cosmos, as we will see.

The demonstration will rest on four sets of evidences, often of simple observation, striking and easily provable observation facts, likely to question some scientific theories which are now well admitted.

See for yourselves....

First Evidence.

In the first chapter, I propose one classification of constituents of living and non living matter. One observation lays at the origin : some beings are made up by a few different components and other by a large number of similar ones.
This classification allows distributing, by organisation levels an according to their masses, all the objects and beings that constitute the Universe on a single cosine curve.

We will see how an undulatory phenomenon at the Universe scale can help to explain this distribution.

Second Evidence.

Then, in a in a new reading of physics, I show that elementary particle is a stationary set of waves. This arrangement allows explaining many questions that Physics asks itself, or does not ask yet.

Third Evidence.

Having treated about the elements of order, we can present the ontostat. It is a cybernetic loop which controls the activity of biologic and economic organisms. We will show how it enters in this universal set of waves, and also how it adapts by accompanying the motion of evolution of life on Earth.

Fourth Evidence.

In a still to come chapter, we will show how evolution of life on Earth can be measured by a sine formula, complementary of the cosine presented in first evidence.

The strong points.

In this page, we take again the whole of the theory, showing what are the main points which, from the only one point of view, give to the ensemble a great strength.

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In order to bolster these evidences, I use as material some criteria utterly uncommon for this usage : masses of living beings and that of objects that populate the cosmos, the speed of evolution, the kind of regulation; it is not because they have seldom be used we should denigrate them. On the contrary, we must see with them new materials apt to renew our scientific vision.

You are the surfer to ride this site, thank you.

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