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- 4.7 - Evolution explained by Ontostat (II).


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I am now able to bring a precise explanation of Life and Evolution. The elements of evidence are developed in this site. I give here a concise formulation in 7 points, followed by some explications :

(1) The Living is characterized by the integration of many controls.
(2) During the course of Evolution, we observe the progressive improvement of these controls, of their performances, of their integration and of their coordination.
(3) The ontostat is a model of a feed-back loop with two waves moving in opposite directions,
(4) And the improvement of the controls is due to the progressive difference of phase of these waves in the ontostat,
(5) and the phase difference of waves in ontostat is linked to the phase difference of the great fundamental waves in the Universe.
(6) This progressive phase difference of great waves is measured by the sine equations.
(7) I bring another evidence by the cosine masse curve of individuals.

Let's make explicit all that point by point :

(1)- One of the characteristics of Life is its whole set of integrated controls. The Study of the Living, be in its biological depth or in its economic superstructures, does not fail to strike us by the number, the complexity and the delicacy of its controls. The minor secretion, the minor gesture is submitted to several level of hierarchically organized controls.
It is not possible to go into details in the framework of this short page, I send back to the reading of some good works, for instance "The Decision" by Alain Berthoz. We can say quickly that, for men, the minor gesture sets going specialized areas in the brain even before its beginning, with permanent "re-entrant" loops, organized into hierarchy mutual controls, choices made by piles of modules of different complexity, each of them functioning over an internal simulation of the lower level. But we have to see also that those areas, those modules, are cellular ensembles organized into hierarchies and internally controlled, and that every cell is itself of an extreme biological complexity, an organized and controlled swarming of macromolecules and molecules each of them being in quest of its own energy equilibrium.
Furthermore, a gesture, even mild, is made inside one environment, with the care not to hustle, not to knock itself, in a socio-economic context that will respond by bringing its own controls into play, and also in the respect of the biosphere, itself site of multiple regulations, etc.
It is in that sense that we say that the main characteristic of Life is to have built itself on a complex ensemble of organized onto hierarchy controls to which nothing escapes and which always tends to extend. Only, we could perhaps regret certain aspects of human activity concerning our environment and seeming to escape any control; but they are rather sets of regulations still seeking their positioning and which will find it under the need for the continuation of the development of humanity.

(2)- One characteristic of Evolution is the progressive improvement of these controls, the improvement of their performances, of their integration and of their coordination.
Analysing the mechanisms of living, we realize that they lay on more and more complex and always better controlled systems, that we pass from mainly quantitative biological controls -the control of an hormone or a molecule being done by its concentration-, to more often qualitative commercial or economic controls.
Above all, with man, new types of regulation set up; these are actions carried out for projects, where regulation is made virtually, by the thought before the action. As regulations become more efficient, they relate more and more to the future.
Globally on the run of Evolution (for us from inert matter), we pass from almost null regulations in deterministic systems -collisions of matter, gravitational motions-, to rather quantitative regulations in biochemical mechanisms, the rather qualitative in choices of living beings, and finally more and more under the influence of events having to arrive in the future.

(3)- The ontostat is a controlled loop formed by a system of two waves travelling in opposite directions; it is the regulator of the biological and economic activity. It functions on a two ways model : a way of action controlled by information returning by another way. I have shown that these ways can be of wave nature (compression periods followed by dilation periods which have the tendency to repeat, to take a regular rhythm, to spread, to amplify and to mutually reinforce).
I have also shown that the general scheme of the ontostat, of which the important aspect is the phase difference between the two waves, evolves when we pass from biological level to economic one.

fig. 1 - Biological Ontostat.

fig. 2 - Economic Ontostat.

(4)- The improvement of ontostat performances is due to greater and greater phase difference between information wave with regard to action wave. Each way is detached from the other. The feedback of information comes back sooner on the beginning of action allowing meanwhile better treatments, longer and more complete, whether it is for the action or the information feedback. Each way works more deeply in compressed phase and more largely in dilated phase.
A certain phase difference between the two fundamental waves (brown and green) corresponds to every organisation level N, with a certain ontostat model and a certain type of regulation.

Figure 3.
Universal Sine Curve.

(5)- The phase differences of waves in ontostat accompanies the phase differences of large fundamental waves in Universe. The ontostats adjust themselves on these fundamental waves. As fundamental waves go by, they function better when the same phase differences meet, stimulating regulation systems of living and economy. These are the remarkable positions that we find on the beat wave (red).

(6)- This progressive phase difference between the great fundamental waves is measured by the equations in sine presented on these pages. Thus it represents the evolutionary progress, the development of Life.

(7)- I brought another proof by the cosine curve of the masses of the individuals, in blue on figure 3.

We are now at the heart of the Evolution mechanism, I give some more explanations :

The key of this mechanism is the sliding of the two waves one on the other; from their movement or from a difference in wavelength, their relative phase varies constantly, provoking a phenomenon of beat. These two waves move in opposed directions, one backs the activities, the other information. They act as dilation/compression.

The wave of action backs the biological and human activities; in contracted phase, manufacture, and in dilated phase, sales, exchanges and meetings.
The wave of information circulates in reverse direction relatively with the considered system. It makes return information and controls the activity of manufacture. In contracted phase, it extracts information, in dilated phase, it redistributes it.

These two waves organize the regulation of the system which they underlie. We saw how by studying the ontostat. The type of regulation of course depends on the relative phase of the two waves one compared to the other. To each level of organization N a certain phase difference between the two fundamental waves corresponds, a certain model of ontostat and a certain type of regulation :

1- When the two waves are in phase and superimposed exactly, the action and the information feedback are synchronous; there is little information feedback, therefore little control or regulation of the action; we are in a deterministic system. They are the levels of particles and still also of molecules.

2- When a light shift appears between the two waves, the wave of information emerges from the wave of action; information concerning the result returns towards the beginning of the action and can modulate it; a regulation can be set up, quantitative initially in the biological environments, and develop then in the human activities. For us this improvement is directly related to the progressive increase in the difference in phase between the two waves.

3- Then phase difference increases further, supporting broader regulations, more complex and where the qualitative aspect becomes more important.

4- Then the shift of the waves exceeding the wavelength, an opening towards the future becomes possible, one passes from the regulation to the project.

Thus the evolution of the life on Earth seems to us completely related to the movement of these two long waves through the Universe. It is produced by the slip of these two waves which gradually changes the conditions of regulation of the phenomena which become increasingly broad and sure, then turned towards the future.

That heavenly objects are formed in connection with systems of waves is perfectly accepted, why not the Life ?

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july 2006