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- 1.6 - Biological Evolution on Earth is with dimensions of the Universe.


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This page begins by an account of the Large Number Hypothesis (LNH) first formulated for the Universe, then it shows how biological evolution on Earth can inscribe itself in this theorie and combine with great movements of Universe, with the same rights as cosmogenese, expansion etc.

The Great Numbers of the Universe.

For a physicist to make up correspondences between the two infinities, the large and the tiny, could remain a dream so different and incompatible are theories that deal with these scopes. Eddington then Dirac made original, mainly grounded on numerical convergences. They proposed Large Number Hypothesis (LNH) which expresses the very large dimensions of universe in infinitely small, electron-scale units. Let us see :

If we intend, for instance, to express the age of the universe, 1010 years or 1017 seconds, in electron units – time taken by light for covering the radius of an electron (10-23 seconds)-, we obtain a dimensionless number of about 1040 which does not vary if reckoned in other spots of the universe.

Likely the radius of the universe, 1010 light years (roughly of course) or 1026 meters, can be expressed in electron radius (10-14 m), and gives again a very large number of about 1040.

So, we can measure the ratio of the gravitational to the electric force inside hydrogen atom:

e2/ = 2,269.1039,

which is again a great number of the same order as those we have just quoted.

Finally, the number of nucleons in universe, N = 1078 to 1080, approximately the square of 1040. That number N first reckoned a priori by Eddington crosschecks more recently made from density of matter estimations (Wheeler); it is presented on the internet site of NASA.

So we bring to light those large numbers so exciting by these aspects:

  • they measure universe with electron units;
  • some are dimensionless;
  • they are invariable in a unit system;
  • their values are near 1040 or its square.

    This is the basis of Large Number Hypothesis. But in spite of the authors’ upper views the theory proceeds no further for want of convergence with others. But perhaps can we give it a second breath: for it – but not for us (Lépinard 1982, Gavaudan)- those numbers must evolve with time since the universe age is a part of them. That is a point which does not seem to me needed, for the current universe age, as that of evolution, corresponds to particular moments where they take this noteworthy values. The theoretical set presented on this site, and this page, show for what this moments are particular.

    The Great Numbers of Biological Evolution.

    a) The biomass

    The amount of living matter that wraps the earth, and that constitutes the biosphere, is composed of around 1040 (2132) protons or electrons. This number is approximatively the square root of the estimated mass of the Universe, 1080 (2264) protons. This comparing can appear very far to be significant, but expressed in logarithms, one of these values is the half of the other. Now, information measures in logarithms ; and the works exposed on this site show the important role played by information in the making of objects that people the Universe. More, that is in connection with the fact that the representative point of biomass coincide with the inflexion point of our cosinus curve.

    b) The duration.

    The evolution of life began, with the making of the first biological molecules, very soon after the formation of the earth in the solar system. Then it has been going on for more than four billion years; that makes almost a third of the continuance of life of Universe, if we locate the Big Bang at around 12 billion years. More, we estimate that the solar system can last still a little more than four billion years, that which places the current phase of the evolution in the middle of its duration of life.

    We must point out that the current phase of evolution is at the encounter of these two particular cases : the half life of solar system and the mass of biosphere which logarithm is half that of Universe mass. To that adds itself the fact that arrival of man on earth is not anything in evolution, but, at the propitious moment, the condition for this movement to become aware of itself and to make ready to control its destiny. This movement was unconscious and submitted, it becomes conscious and voluntary. Hardly gone out from animal nature, the Man, the product of evolution, interrogates itself on its nature, its position and its role within Universe. For me and for the theory I present, this situation is not fortuitous. It took four billion years for one comes to put these questions, it remains perhaps as much for bringing answers and solutions. The following of evolution will always be able to make itself by successive organisation levels, by contacts between more and more remote and scattered humanities. According to current knowledge, communications are limited by the speed of light, and the nearest, able to harbour lives like ours, solar systems are at least at forty light years. These are the first in our galaxy with which we could come into contact, the others coming afterwards, all the more late as they are more remote.So will form super-humanities, by successive levels which correspond in time and in space to cosmic systems (see the classification of heavenly bodies).

    Moreover, I have shown with regard to the fine structure constant that if the Large Number values meet, it is due to the fact they are linked with Universe information. It seems that it is information that allowed the establishing of heavenly bodies and evolution of life on Earth.

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