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- 1.4 - Universal disposition of masses

par Denys LÉPINARD

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Following previous texts - structural classification of components of living beings, curve of masses, structural classification of heavenly bodies - I drew up the table of average masses by level of cosmic individuals.





- 6 -

Star Systems



- 7 -

Groups of galaxies



- 8 -

Super clusters



- 9 -

- 10 -




Table 4.1 - Average masses of individuals by cosmic level

Please note that the mass of Universe is given by NASA internet site.

On the graph 4.2, I displayed these heavenly body masses after those of already shown biological individuals. The biological levels being numbered from 0 to 5, the celestial ones from 6 to 10. We see that the masses of this new series distribute regularly and symmetrically with regard to the previous series, revealing a continuity between these two "worlds". We must notice that the curve is drawn only indicatively, the points being defined solely for entire values of levels.

This graphic 4.2 is extracted from an original work where lesser and larger masses of individuals by level are proposed and discussed.

Graph 4.2

While observing that there remains one place, on this graph as well as in the classification, for a level number 9 yet to be discovered, we must admit that this disposition joining together all the beings of the known universe is astonishing.
This trigonometrical-like curve joints 10 organisation levels on a half period. I established the formula :

Log2 P = 135,5(1-cos Nπ/10)

I will come back on this in a next page.

To conclude, facts that are important to remember in those four texts and that seem quite new in current scientific context are,

  • this single classification for both biological and heavenly components, and their separation in individuals and assemblies generating, from smallest to largest constituent of universe, ten complexity levels..

  • the graph 4.2 on which individuals take their place with a great accuracy on a regular, mathematically well defined, curve, as we will see later on.

These strong points, logically deriving from one another, mutually intensify one another and can set up solid and quite unexpected bases, likely to impose a new way to look at the Evolution and Universe alike.

I have been working on this subject for many years and I have been giving extended consideration to the implications this curve may have. In so doing, I have gathered a great volume of data that answers these questions. All I have gathered now happens to be a consistent and efficiently structured set of data. May I suggest that you read on publications I have been compiling since 1974.
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