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- 8.1 - A Tale

par Denys LÉPINARD

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On that morning, as every morning He had sent before, Almighty God was going round the Universe. Majestically as ever before, He moved about, between heavenly bodies - incidentally, he did so in much easier a way since he had opted for expansion. He looked at galaxies and admired their brightness. He preferred the luminous ones, loaded with large radiating stars with planets that were not short of beauty and brightness, and that were visible from every possible angle of the firmament.

Deep inside, He thought to himself " I have created here a beautiful Universe of light and matter for Myself".

At a given moment, just as holy blessed as all instants of His everlasting existence, He moved closer to a beautiful spiral galaxy;

  • This, AG, is the Milky Way, said an angel from the sky.
  • I Know,
  • And there is the Sun, AG.
  • I do know!
  • Yes, You surely know all these things, Almighty God.

God looked at the planets that were revolving around the Sun and focussed on the Earth. It was surrounded in a bluish mist and it looked as thought it had been tarnished by some mildew.

  • What's this? He grumbled in His beard.

He took a large, white, handkerchief out of His deep pocket, grabbed the Earth, rubbed if and polished it. He then flicked it off back on its orbit, between Venus and Mars.

  • But AG, what about the Humanity? ? ?
  • Look how shiny it has got now, it will be visible from the entire Universe.
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